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Harmonic Singing Bowls

Their characteristic shape facilitates the expansion of vibrations, exalting the warm fundamental sound combined with the purity of its mid harmonics. This enables to generate an intense resonance and their dimension determines the tone of the fundamental sound: the smallest model is the most acute.


Tibet Art

Tibet Art is the series of harmonic instruments produced by Albert Rabenstein that combines the beauty of art with the …

Harmonic Singing Bowls

Our singing bowls are tuned according to the harmonic scale, meaning that they have the fundamental sound and all …

Turning Forks

Powerful instruments of harmonization that are tuned according to frequencies that stimulates healing in different parts of the body. The …

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All the accessories to get the most from your harmonizing instruments! Clappers, bags, music CD’s and much more.
Other vibrational instruments
An entire set of musical instruments for harmonization and healing of the body, the mind and spirit. Xylophones, Chakra Harmonizers, …

Excellent results in treating Depression and Fibromyalgia

There are countless bowls on the market but so far I haven’t heard anything that even comes remotely close to the harmonic sounds of Albert’s bowls. I use harmonic bowls with reiki.
I also have doctors as patients. I’ve seen particularly good results with people who have fibromyalgia or are depressed.

Rodolfo Soragna

Reiki, Sound Massage

These singing bowls are special

These singing bowls are special, they are magic! Your Tibetan Singing Bowls are all perfectly harmonic. The message that reaches the mind and body helps to restore one’s original balance; it allows you to put everything back into perspective, thus achieving calmness and relaxation.

Loretta Riccò

Naturopath, Flower Therapist, Reiki Master

The harmonic singing bowls properties are practically unlimited

The harmonic singing bowls properties are practically unlimited, the more I use them the more they surprise me! I tried other bowls, from the East and the West, ancient and modern, some were very nice with a beautiful tone, but I’ve never come across the same sound quality of your instruments.

Massimo Fabbrucci

Musician and Music Therapist

These bowls are excellent

These bowls are excellent, their sound blends in right away with the people that I’m in contact with. These bowls have been one of the most beautiful gifts of my life. I’m quite happy to be able to vouch for them.

Letizia Myolin Frailich

Shiatsu Physiotherapist, M.T.C.

I believe that these bowls are among the best I’ve ever tried

I believe that these bowls are among the best I’ve ever tried, in all respects, even with regards to the quality/price ratio. I’ve tried other types of bowls, but I must admit that very few bowls come close to the their beauty.

Kriss Stefano Guasconi

Shiatsu, Setsu-Shin, Shin-Ki-Ren

An amazing tool to help you achieve deep relaxation

I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of my singing bowls. I believe that there is no comparison whatsoever with other types of bowls. An amazing tool to help you achieve deep relaxation.

Laura Brida

Naturopathic Practitioner, Reiki and Aura-therapist