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Tibet Art

Tibet Art is the series of harmonic instruments produced by Albert Rabenstein that combines the beauty of art with the …

Harmonic Singing Bowls

Our Tibetan singing bowls are tuned according to the harmonic scale, meaning that they have the fundamental sound and all …

Turning Forks

Powerful instruments of harmonization that are tuned according to frequencies that stimulates healing in different parts of the body. The …

bio RAM

Bio Ram is the first vibration speaker which reproduces sound and vibrations generated by Harmonic Singing Bowls of the highest quality.


All the accessories to get the most from your harmonizing instruments! Clappers, bags, music CD’s and much more.
Other vibrational instruments
An entire set of musical instruments for harmonization and healing of the body, the mind and spirit. Xylophones, Chakra Harmonizers, …