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What are Harmonic Singing Bowls? They’re bowls that are tuned to a harmonic scale, or rather they have a fundamental sound and all the overtones are perfectly tuned so that the sound made by the bowls is both harmonic and produces harmony.

The harmonic scale (related to the golden number, golden proportion, Fibonacci sequence, etc…) is the measuring stick with which nature organizes itself in its infinite manifestations.

When you buy a harmonic bowl you come into contact with an ancient instrument that is both extraordinary and simple. An instrument which not only brings harmony into your life but also allows you to ring out every cell of your body to the harmonic vibration of the universe!

Our Singing Bowls will accompany your personal growth journey by bringing the power and benefits of the harmonic sound to all your activities and every moment of your life.

The Singing Bowls can be used by Sound Massage professionals or as an accompaniment to a variety of treatments, whether they be medical, holistic, energetic, psychophysical or spiritual. They can also be used by people who are interested in enhancing their personal growth journey through a harmonious sound and the benefits it brings.

The Singing Bowls are a precious instrument that will accompany your meditation and your moments of relaxation and introspection.

Their sound helps bring joy and peace into your daily life and into your home. You can use our Bowls to clean surroundings that have stagnant or negative energies, to ward off heavy and unpleasant moods, thus bringing serenity and lightness into your life.

Are there singng bowls which are not harmonic?  Yes, but what makes a singing bowl not harmonic? Sometimes an overtone is missing or the overtoness are not in tuned with one another or perhaps there are various fundamental tones each with its own overtonesand the information is not in order. Sometimes these defects are clearly evident, yet other times only a well-honed and experienced ear can tell the difference.

The lack of harmonic vibration may depend on the shape of the bowl, which is almost never perfect (sometimes just a small imperfection or dent can make the difference and sometimes the bowl’s decorations can change its shape and as a result its vibration). Sometimes the inhomogeneous composition of the metals used distorts the bowl’s sound, thus producing non harmonic vibrations.

Non harmonic bowls can nevertheless be used for decoration purposes or rituals. If they are used for therapeutic purposes it is worth remembering that their sound can produce superficial relaxation but not Harmony, which is the necessary condition required to create a true sense of well-being, deep relaxation and lasting healing.

REMEMBER: It is very important for a singing bowl to be Harmonic as opposed to its size, the sound technique, the amount of metals, its decorations, its age or sacred origins.

Our Harmonic Bowls are unique items. They’re handcrafted one by one by artisans in our workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each stage of the process in creating the Bowl is treated with love and meticulous attention by its creator, Albert Rabenstein.

Every single Bowl is tested and refined until the perfect harmonic vibration is obtained.

Our Harmonic Bowls are living and vital objects, powerful allies for your meditation and healing. The more you use them the more your energy is in line with their vibration, making them more and more powerful and effective: they have the power to get you to that harmonic state of being which is natural for us, but we lose it in the caotic everyday’s life…. They’re certainly not ornamental objects to be left on a shelf collecting dust!

We’re not asking you to simply take our word for what we are claiming. The following are some of the testimonials of those who use our Harmonic Bowls:

These bowls are amongst the best I’ve ever tried – Kriss Stefano Guasconi

The Harmonic Bowls are one of the best gifts I’ve ever received – Letizia Myolin Frailich

Excellent results in the treatment of depression and fibromyalgia – Rodolfo Soragna

The vibration of the Harmonic Bowls amplifies the use of crystals and Reiki – Estelle Sodi

The Harmonic Bowls improve the quality of sleep – Andreana Schellino

The Harmonic Bowls are effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease – Giovanni Casanova

A extraordinary tool in helping to achieve deep relaxation – Laura Brida

The Harmonic Bowls are special, they’re magic! – Loretta Riccò

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Here you’ll find our Harmonic Bowls in various shapes and sizes, tuning forks, essential accessories and other very powerful vibrational tools to assist you in your relaxation, meditation and healing.