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Each Tibetan Singing Bowl has its Light and its Soul

It’s been almost 30 years that I’ve been using the Tibetan Singing Bowls, I’ve used various types, but I’ve never encountered Singing Bowls that had such a pure sound like those of Armonie Sonore. Right from the beginning I realized the high quality of the product: each bell in fact has its own light and its own soul.

These finely crafted metals of excellent workmanship when are vibrating give a unique harmony, ranging from the solemn fundamental deep basses to the absolute elevation of the high frequencies.

The quality of the product can be recognized, not only by the sound, but also by the fact that, contrary to many other bells, with time they do not oxidize and therefore, do not create those cracks that alter the purity of the harmonic sound.

Since I met these wonderful harmonic instruments with Dr. Daniela Carini we’ve been recommending them to patients and students, suggesting that they’d also use them for only 5 minutes a day.
In fact, only a few minutes of sound are needed to harmonize the innermost self (soul), giving peace and serenity.

The bowls, then combined to the ancient art of Tibetan vibration (special vocalizations of some sounds), confer the latter a level of spirituality so high that you can compare everything to an angelic melody that no other instrument can create.

I would like to thank all those who have designed and built these bells nearly perfectly.

I remain available for any courses of Tibetan singing bowls and vibration,

For the monks

Head Monk – Corrado Lazzarini

The sound of the Singing Bowls creates fantastic Vibrations and Frequencies

Dora AnsuiniI only use these particular bowls because I find them harmonious. Their sound creates fantastic Vibrations and Frequencies.

The sound can be rather deep or more and it’s tuned to the frequency range of the person being treated.

Intimacy with the Soul is created.

Body and Soul come into Resonance bringing the mind into a deep Silence thus creating an absolute vacuum.

Dora Ansuini – energy therapist –

The Tibetan Singing Bowls have a superior sound quality

Pascal MarinoAlbert’s singing bowls have a superior sound quality: a sound that is rich in harmonics and persistently enduring.

These bowls are easier to play than those commonly found on the market.

I’ve purchased other bowls over the years from ethnic shops or craft markets: they are not at all comparable to the Albert’s singing bowls because they’re not made with the same precision and the same care.

Pascal Marino – music therapist –

The word healing takes on a much broader and complete meaning

Andrea TosiPersonally, I’ve come across hundreds of other types of bowls, each wonderful in their own way, but for therapy use I only use Albert’s harmonic singing bowls.

In my workshops I explain the importance of Tibetan Singing Bowls, a quality that unfortunately is not found in all Tibetan bowls.

I believe the quality of Albert’s bowls is unique and incomparable, the result of a special alchemy; they’re forged with the intent of transpiring harmony, transformation, healing.

There are beautiful bowls from all over the world, which I don’t own but I was fortunate enough to hear their beautiful sounds.

But I repeat, in my personal experience, for treatments and therapies I only use Albert Rabenstein’s harmonic bowls.

Andrea Tosi – musician, sound therapist and gong master – Facebook

Tibetan Singing Bowls and Diapason, between Body and Sound

Tiziano-CofrancescoFor numerous years now I have been researching sound, both vocal and instrumental, and the  therapeutic effects it has on rehabilitation.

After carrying out in-depth studies on Albert Rabenstein I began using his instruments as complementary elements to my physiotherapy and Ezioterapia sessions.

I found that they emit vibrations that are similar to ultrasounds used in physical therapy: in fact the frequencies emitted from the sound produced have a direct action on the musculoskeletal system, thus facilitating a more rapid functional recovery of the areas that have been affected by trauma or algia.

The remarkable thing is that the patient, in comparison to other medical devices that only emit vibrations, can also listen to the harmonic sounds and as a result enjoy total relaxation.

Tiziano Cofrancesco – rehabilitation therapist –

I felt my body regain vitality and energy

Margherita SaettiThe quality of these singing bowls is excellent.

Yes, I’ve tried others but they’re different: their sound is quite varied, less clear and harmonious and when I use them for treatment I find that they can be annoying and disturbing. This doesn’t happen with Albert Rabenstein’s harmonic singing bowls.

Margherita Saetti – psychologist, psychotherapist,  professional holistic counselor (SIAF)

Your singing bowls made by Albert are unique, perhaps the only harmonic bowls in the world

Guido AndreoliAlbert’s singing bowls are one of a kind, I have others that I use along with Albert’s.

There’s no doubt, however, that Albert’s are far better both in terms of harmony and dexterity when handling them, even when learning how to play them because people  find them less difficult to use .

Guido Andreoli – Sound Massage professional –

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