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Set 8 tuning forks 256-512 hz


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Set of 8 tuning forks from C 256 hz to C 512 hz, the Pythagorean Harmonic Solar Spectrum according to John Beaulieu, author of the book Human Tuning.

Frequencies in hertz: C 256 – D 288 – E 320 – F 341.3 – G 384 – A 426.7 – B 480 – C 512

Excellent for re-harmonizing the energy centers (chakras) and for working with intervals. Equipped with 8 rubber pads to be applied to each tuning fork in order to make them vibrating by beating them against each other with no grinding noise.

Alternatively, we strongly recommend to use them together with the silicone stick, to obtain the optimal vibration of the tuning fork and therefore the best operating results.

Material: anodised aluminum

Comfortable carry bag included.



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