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Harmonic Singing Bowl T3 Darkened


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This is an extraordinary bowl both for sound massage and sound baths. Its shape and its long and intense vibration make this one of the best instruments to work with harmonic sound. In the T series is the one with the warmest sound. The bowl comes with it’s own wooden stick.

PLEASE NOTE: “Tibet Instruments” harmonic singing bowls are among the few in the world designed to be tuned to the harmonic scale: they have their fundamental sound and all the harmonics perfectly tuned to each other, so the sound of the singing bowl is harmonious and produces harmony. Warning! Almost all of the singing bowls you can buy on the internet, in shops and flea markets ARE NOT harmonic singing bowls! Our Harmonic Singing Bowls are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and precision, their shape is perfectly balanced. Our singing bowls are packaged and shipped with great care to avoid bumps and dents. The difference with out of tune and bruised singing bowls you can find in flea markets or in some websites is evident. Carefully compare pictures and prices! Our Tibetan Singing Bowls are intended for holistic practitioners and sound therapists, for those who practice meditation and yoga and to all the people who want to restore well-being and harmony through the harmonic vibration. These are not cheap singing bowls to be used as an ornament: these are professional tools to use with awareness. Our Harmonic Tibetan Singing Bowls are produced by Albert Rabenstein and his skilled craftsmen, regularly employed in a certified company in Argentina, in compliance with international labor and safety rules. Be careful when buying a cheap singing bowl from a third world country: you’re probably funding unscrupulous companies that exploit child labor or who do not comply with international labor and safety laws. Check for yourself the quality of our singing bowls, and if you are not satisfied, we’ll refund you!

Listen to the sound of the Harmonic Tibetan Singing Bowl:

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