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Tuning Fork 136,1 Hz (OM)


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It is recommended to stimulate the acupuncture points (in so avoiding the needle), shiatsu, reflexology, finger pressure and to re-harmonise the inner cycles in connection with the natural ones.

Being the 136,1 Hz the frequency of the Om, it can be used to facilitate the connection with the heart.

Thanks to the particular tip, this tuning fork is designed to direct the vibration straight to the physical body. After having made it vibrate, put the tip, holding it, directly on the body; you will be able to feel the powerful vibration os the tuning fork entering you. The tuning forks emit only one frequency. To make it vibrate you can hit your hand with it or with a soft object with a hard core, for instance our rubber stick, which has a metal core and it has a rubber coating. In this way it makes the tuning fork vibrate without damaging the stems. Do not hit it against bones, you could hurt yourself, or against muscles, they are not hard enough.

It is recommended not to hit the drums directly to avoid possible damage to the instrument.

Listen to the Tuning Fork:

What are the Tuning Forks for? How can they be used? What is the best way to make them vibrate?!

Watch the video to find out!

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