Bio Ram


Product Description

BioRAM is a vibration speaker which reproduces sound and vibrations generated by Harmonic Singing Bowls of the highest quality. Frequencies are applied directly to the body.

It is based on Multifrequency Harmonic Resonance (RAM Resonancia Armónica Multifrecuencial) as a result of Albert Rabenstein´s 30- year experience in the therapeutical use of overtones. The purpose of using real singing bowls instead of sound created by electronic means is to ensure the natural quality of the overtones

This device can be easilly used by all people at all ages, for everyday use, for wellness and naturopathy and profesionally by Music Therapists and other professionals such as Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Physicians, and Nurses to:


Trigger impresive experiences

Produce deep muscle relaxation

Improve concentration

Calm and clear the mind

Improve sleep

Release pain.

Physicians that have used it refer to an increase in blood oxygen level when using BioRAM.

Once placed on the body wherever you feel tension, pain, stress or simply the need, you will immediately feel a soft vibration, similar to the one produced by singing bowls. The selection of vibrations has been made in accordance with Albert Rabenstein´s expertise.

GDV Technique developed by Dr Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Federal Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has been used to test levels of stress, energy and organs balance before and after its use.

It was also tested by phisicians at National Children Hospital Prof dr, Juan p. Garraham in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is being used in Argentina and Italy in self treatment, naturopathy, sound therapy, music therapy, palliative care and integrative medicine.

Made in Argentina by Albert Rabenstein, Sound Therapist and manufacturer of TIBET Instruments since 1987.


Output power: 5W

Power supply: Lithium battery or USB cable (provided)

Frequency range: 80 Hz -18 KHz

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