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In ancient times the sages used a symbolic language.

The Seven metals, in symbolic language, are the representation of the forms in which the energy manifests in Nature.

The Universe is a manifestation of 7 Energies.

That something is made out of “7 Metals” or recalls to seven archetypes that symbolize the representation of the quality of energy means that it contains the information that includes all of the forms of manifestation. Each complete system contains these 7 features. This knowledge comes from alchemy.

In a Singing Bowl, this information is given by the sound.

The bowl produces a fundamental sound and the harmonic series which correspond to this frequency. Whatever the fundamental sound shall be, the bowl carries all the harmonics that correspond to that frequency, that not necessarily corresponds to a musical note of the Western musical scale.

The harmonic sounds give origin to the manifestation of form in the material world, and every harmonic generates an information of order, creating a different form, as we can figure in the discoveries of Albert Rabenstein.

In Alchemy, this means that these sound contain the key of the totality of the manifested world. In one single bowl we hold the information of the totality of the system.

It should be kept in mind that not all the Tibetan Singing Bowls that exist are tuned with this harmonic scale.

If we read, “the bowls are made with seven metals”, from our own current knowledge we understand literally that we are talking about the alloy.

If we do a morphological analysis of the ancient bowls we can find a very large variety of materials. Just imagine that 4000 years ago the chemistry as we intend it today didn’t exist.

To work with the sounds of the Harmonic Bowls is the key to connect with the Harmony of the Universe.