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Tuning Fork and Health

Valerio Folloni published an interesting article dedicated to the tuning fork and their use to cure and obtain health.

If you would like to know more about the Tuning Fork, on how they work, on the techniques to use them, I suggest you to read his article.

We translated it for you. There is also a beautiful testimony on how he managed in a few days to heal a sprained ankle consistently applying the tuning fork on the sore spots.

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Harmonic Tibetan Singing Bowls

Watch the introductory video

What are Tibetan Singing Bowls? They’re bowls that are tuned to a harmonic scale, or rather they have a fundamental sound and all the harmonics are perfectly tuned so that the sound made by the bowls is both harmonic and produces harmony.

The harmonic scale (related to the golden number, golden proportion, Fibonacci sequence, etc…) is the measuring stick with which nature organizes itself in its infinite manifestations.

When you buy a harmonic bowl you come into contact with an ancient instrument that is both extraordinary and simple. An instrument which not only brings harmony into your life but also allows you to ring out every cell of your body to the harmonic vibration of the universe!

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