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Valerio Folloni published an interesting article dedicated to the tuning fork and their use to cure and obtain health.

If you would like to know more about the Tuning Fork, on how they work, on the techniques to use them, I suggest you to read his article.

We translated it for you. There is also a beautiful testimony on how he managed in a few days to heal a sprained ankle consistently applying the tuning fork on the sore spots.

Enjoy the reading!

Article: This kind of frequency has the capability to dissolve and relieve pain in those points were there is a contusion or injury, very valid in cases of joint pains or bruises.

Placing the tuning fork on the painful area, the vibration enters the body, spreading through the bones, in a very clear and perceptible way as a tickle that expands.

Having had a sprained ankle, I was able to test its effectiveness directly on myself. After a first visit to the osteopath who, through his manipulations, started the healing process, I continued in the following days with the tuning fork until I was totally healed.

The pain, even after the visit, still appeared in a very strong form, though not continuous but “intermittently”, so I started to move the tuning fork on the different pain points.

At first sight it seemed the pain was actually worsening, then the inflammation began to mitigate quickly.

Afterwards, I kept playing the tuning fork at each onset of pain, relieving it.

After a few days everything got back to normal, without the need of medications or rest, even while I have kept my foot under stress for numerous undertakings.

The satisfaction that this tool can give is really great, so I decided, if necessary, to include it not only in the sound massage treatments, but also within other massage practices, when identifying areas or points particularly contracted and sore.

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