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Set of 8 Pines


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It consists of 8 pines, seven of which tuned to work on the different chakras, plus the higher octave of the C note.The longest pin corresponds to the root chakra, the seventh to the crown one. A pin is made of a light metal bar suspended on a wooden base. It is not to be used on the body, for the wood does not transmit the vibration. The metal bar is hit with a small wooden stick. It is hit at the centre of the bar, so to have a longer lasting sound. Since every pin is tuned to one of the frequencies to which each chakra resonates, by the resonance effect that chakra regain its original vibration. Being tuned on a high pitched octave, that sound allows to break blocks.They can be used to test the chakra status because the sound changes in the presence of blocks.Listen to the Set of Pines:

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