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Massimo FabbrucciThe harmonic singing bowls have an infallible code and their beneficial properties are practically unlimited, the more I use them the more they surprise me!

I tried other bowls, from the East and the West, ancient and modern, some were very nice with a beautiful tone, but I’ve never come across the same  sound quality of your instruments.

The harmonic proportions are faithfully reproduced in the bowls that Albert creates and this gives an extraordinary sonic purity.

Another notable feature is the duration of the sound and the ability, in the larger models, to transmit their vibrations onto the body.

Their sound, which seems to emerge from everywhere, appears to have the same characteristics of the vibratory silence that precedes it.

When I stop playing and let their voices slowly die out, my conscience is gently accompanied and in that silence, in that quiet sensation, only the breath remains to testify the harmony that is the very form of love.

Massimo Fabbrucci – Musician and Music Therapist – www.onderotonde.blogspot.it