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Giovanni CasanovaI have always worked with these bowls and found them to be great. I heard that you can find them on the market  but I never used them.

I use harmonic bowls during my music therapy.

I work a lot with the elderly in nursing homes and not all of them are able to give verbal responses because many are affected by cognitive disorders.

By the second treatment, however, I can recognize right away the pleasant sensation the harmonic bowls have on their body. The various forms of verbal disorder such as echolalia, curses and stereotyped requests for help usually disappear and a slight smile appears on their face and many of them spontaneously accompany the vibrations, especially on the 4th chakra, with their voice.

The muscle relaxant effect after treatment using the singing bowls on Parkinson’s disease patients is rather significant.

The medium term effect that cognitive patients report is that they are be able to sleep more tranquilly without having to revert to psychotropic drugs.

The medical team that gave me the opportunity to experiment the use of the singing bowls is thinking of carrying out a scientific clinical study on this subject.

Giovanni Casanova – Music therapist, Choir director, Counselor –  www.giovannicasanova.it