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Loretta RiccòAlbert’s singing bowls are special, they’re magic!

I only have original singing bowls produced in Argentina by Albert, but I played bowls from other sources in the past, usually from India or Nepal, but there’s quite a difference!

Your Tibetan Singing Bowls are all perfectly harmonic. The message that reaches the mind and body helps to restore one’s original balance; it allows you to put everything back into perspective, thus achieving calmness  and relaxation.

The sound produced by Albert’s singing bowls is a sound that spreads slowly, it “expands” and remains suspended in the air for an incredible length of time, and then it fades out gradually.

Your bowls have depth and breadth. These are features that, in my opinion, make it easier to go back to rhythms that are more natural and suitable to our nature.

Loretta Riccò – Naturopathic Therapist, Flower Therapist, Reiki Master